Willits & Newcomb Citrus Nursery is a wholesale nursery. Our customers are commercial citrus farmers, retail nursery outlets and landscapers.

In order to purchase citrus trees from us we request that you hold a license to resale nursery stock or a valid license as a Landscape contractor or General Contractor. Our minimum tree order for wholesale nurseries is 35 trees for pick-up or 50 for delivery.

For the backyard enthusiasts that find our site we have tried to build in some useful information for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I fertilize my new tree and what should I use?

You should fertilize your citrus tree once a month during the growing season with a citrus fertilizer (February to October). At first flush of new growth, a spray on foliar fertilizer is recommended. You may need to supplement Iron, Zinc and Manganese. Ironite is a good source for those nutrients. Follow the directions on the container for correct application. Check our link to Plant Nutrients for more information.

Should I prune my citrus tree?

Pruning is not a necessity for citrus, but when you are using it in your landscape you will probably need to prune it occasionally to keep it attractive. Prune after harvest or during winter while the tree is dormant. Selective pruning is best. Donʼt hedge. Clean out interiors and any crossing branches. Light pruning every year should keep it shapely and the size you desire.

I just purchased one of your trees from my local nursery and the tag says it is a semi-dwarf. How big will this tree grow?

Our nursery sells three types of trees: Standard, Semi-dwarf and Dwarf. The following are general guidelines for the growth habits of these different types. Please note that the final tree size of any tree is not always predictable. Growing conditions, variety vigor and climate, greatly effect how big a tree will grow.

The approximate size at maturity will be 20ʼ to 30ʼ tall. Citrus is a rather slow growing tree and it could take 10 to 15 years to reach its full height.
A semi-dwarf citrus grows to about two-thirds the size of a standard tree. Depending on the citrus variety a mature semi-dwarf tree reaches between 15ʼ and 20ʼ tall. Notable exceptions are Eureka & Lisbon Lemons, which are too vigorous for true dwarfing.
A dwarfing rootstock reduces the proportions of the tree, however, dwarfing does not change the fruit size. Most dwarf citrus will reach a height of approximately 6ʼ – 8ʼ at maturity.