Meet Zac, Owner and General Manager of WN Citrus!

What brought Zac into the farming business? He married the Farmer’s daughter! He is now leading WN Citrus and ensuring that the company’s core values remain intact.  His motto is, “Keep Pushing … Keep Moving Forward”.  Meet Zac, Owner and General Manager of...

Keep Moving Forward

Happy 2023! Place your orders now, including contract orders for select BioGold varieties for 2024. Our Great Team is here to help!

Now taking orders for 2022!

Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you with your citrus seedling, budwood, and tree planting needs. Contact us today to place your order for 2022!

Great Team

Spring is in the air and so is our newest ad in Citrograph’s Spring edition! Order NOW for 2021 – citrus seedling, budwood, and trees . Meet our great TEAM – they’re always there to assist you and share their expansive knowledge.

Join us at Citrus Showcase!

Join WN Citrus for the Citrus Showcase, March 5th!  Meet our “Great Roots, Great Fruits” TEAM, experience their knowledge, AND our legacy of experience and innovation in the citrus industry.